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Home financing can be a real buzz kill.

Not only can it suck the fun out of the home buying experience, poor lending practices can cause you to:




Over 50% of people report the home loan process NOT being smooth and easy


1 out of every 4 people experienced lender caused issues that negatively impacted closing… of those issues, 33% of them were so bad that the person lost the house entirely.


Almost 50% of people report they felt that their home lender did not take their financial goals into consideration when crafting their home loan.

There’s a better way.

Choose a home lender that gets it.
Gets you. And gets you home.

We get it.

We’re experts at loans (and this
thing called communication).

We get you.

We offer creative loan solutions
that fit your financial goals.

We get you home.

We deliver your loan on time. As planned. The way it should be.

Accurate, transparent, and efficient. On top of it all, the entire team was very considerate and available given our situation switching into jobs and needing to close ASAP. We felt comfortable at every stage of the process and would do it all over again and again in a heartbeat!
Aaron & Jenilee
Milwaukee, WI

Second to None. My wife and I could not be more happy about our experience with Todd. Kind and knowledgeable, Todd is a great teacher and both willing and able to answer all questions, leaving you at ease throughout the process. Todd and his team are great communicators with prompt replies and efficient communication that was much appreciated in an aggressive market. Professionalism across the board. Todd is impressive front to back and was excellent to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone, including my own family.
Nate & Jackie
Milwaukee, WI

I have officially closed on my first home with the assistance of Simon loans and I couldn’t be happier with how smooth the process was! Todd was more than supportive throughout the process and made the closing fun and quick. I would recommend Simon Loans to anyone looking to finance a new home!
Milwaukee, WI

Hey! I’m your
loan guy, Todd.

Sure, I’m a loan wiz. But I didn’t get into this because of a passion for mortgages. I’m in this for the joy I get from giving people the opportunity to build their lives in a home they love.

Getting fit for a loan is easier than you think.

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Get things rockin’ by sharing essential financial info and goals. Online or on the phone. You choose. We’re here to help.
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Review and select from custom solutions developed by a friendly Simon Loan professional, specifically for you.
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That’s it! (No, but seriously, that’s it.) Now it’s time to get you in the home of your dreams. We’ll handle the rest.
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Whoever said you couldn't make home loans
easy was clearly mistaken

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